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Five unforgettable and heartwarming engagement stories

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Five unforgettable and heartwarming engagement stories

Kerry Shellborn

Jewels on Ninth loves to be a part of the big day; the special moment; the ultimate proposal. When a cupid-struck neighbour wanders into our shop, we do everything we can to help them find the perfect ring to surprise their loved one with—no matter how fabulous or crazy their ideas sound. Custom-made, or carefully selected, all of our shoppers leave excited to spend the rest of their lives with the ring they’ve chosen.

We’ve had the honour to be a part of some big proposals: Here are some of the stories our friends have shared:

Callen Kozniuk and Lacey Sudo

Callen Kozniuk and Lacey Sudo

On Cloud Nine

July 9th was a special day for Lacey Sudo and Callen Kozniuk. They spent the day cruising between the clouds above Whitefish, Montana, but that’s not all.

“It was two days after my 21st birthday,” said Lacey. Lacey and Callen were on their way to celebrate her birthday among friends in Whitefish. “He promised me there would be a surprise when we arrived,” but Lacey didn’t know quite how great of a surprise Callen had planned. The couple pulled into Glacier National Park to stop in front of a helicopter that Callen had scheduled for a scenic tour of the mountains. Lacey couldn’t believe the spectacular views, and the thoughtful surprise: “I was blown away! He planned this on his own—my first helicopter ride. What a cool birthday surprise!”

But the mile-high fun didn’t end there. “Callen tapped me on the shoulder, took off his headphones, looked at me and said, “this trip isn’t just about your birthday.” Callen pulled the ring box out of his pocket. The diamond inside was perfect for Lacey: “I couldn’t stop smiling!”

Lacey said yes to Callen and the sparkling ring he chose for her. Even though their feet are on steady ground now, the couple is still on Cloud Nine.

Sarah and Patrick O’Donnell along the banks of the picturesque Kootenay river.

Sarah and Patrick O’Donnell along the banks of the picturesque Kootenay river.

Third Time’s a Charm

Sarah O’Donnell is not your typical, jewellery-loving girl. “I learned that early on in our relationship,” said Patrick. He bought her a heart necklace for Christmas: “We returned it and got a coffee table set.” For this reason, Patrick O’Donnell knew that his special lady would need a custom ring if he wanted her to wear it for the rest of their lives. One straight off the shelves just wouldn’t be enough to catch Sarah’s love.

Excited to pop the question, but unsure of where to begin looking for the perfect ring, Patrick arrived at Jewels on Ninth. “I got super lucky,” he said. “The store owner—Heather—greeted me and made me feel a little less nervous. She asked me all the right questions, and was very positive and excited to get the process started.” Five weeks later, Patrick’s perfect ring arrived.

Onto popping the question. Patrick first tried to ignite his love for Sarah in the form of a homemade light-up sign that read “marry me.” However, technical difficulties resulted in three dead batteries, and no proposal.

Second, Patrick prepared a home-cooked dinner—crab legs, mussels, and a diamond ring for desert. Patrick didn’t know that he was cooking for three until his friend stopped by to hang out for a few hours. Romance out the window, nervous, and tired, Patrick put away the ring for another day.

The third time around, Patrick kept things simple. A steak dinner on their deck seemed like the perfect setting. “As she was putting a piece of steak into her mouth, I put the box on the table and said, “So….” It may not have been the smoothest proposal, but the third time was the charm in this case. “She knew exactly what I was doing, and said ‘Yes!’”

A year later, Sarah and Patrick married. “I still catch her staring at her rings now and then,” said Patrick. Clearly, the custom diamond and Patrick’s charm caught Sarah’s heart.

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Rachel Moneyman and Stephen Rolland on the sandy shores of Kootenay Lake.

Rachel Moneyman and Stephen Rolland on the sandy shores of Kootenay Lake.

Picture Perfect

Stephen Rolland proposed to Rachel Monkman in the most picture perfect way—and he has the photos to prove it. “I had the ring for a little more than a week and was waiting for the right time to ask Rachel,” he said. “She wanted to go to the beach because we were having some really nice weather. I thought that would be a great place to ask her.” Ring box carefully tucked away in his tri-pod case, and camera ready to go, Stephen and Rachel set out for the beach.

Stephen set up the camera and for a family photo of the couple with their dog. “On the third take, I got on one knee and nervously asked Rachel to marry me.” As if Rachel’s expression—caught on camera—isn’t enough to make this proposal picture perfect, the sandy beach and mountain backdrop seal the deal.

Jaycee Hunt gets a pleasant surprise when she reaches for more shells.

Jaycee Hunt gets a pleasant surprise when she reaches for more shells.

Shell Shocked

Lane Pighin took his time to plan a proposal that was perfect for his lady love, Jaycee Hunt. “On April 16th we decided to go out into our field and play with the guns.” Shooting gophers and looking for elk sheds was the type of fun and games just up Jaycee’s alley, so the couple ripped around on their RZR side-by-side. “Lane loaded my 22 clip, so I had no idea how many bullets I actually had,” said Jaycee. “I went to shoot a gopher, then realized I was out of bullets.”

Lane’s plan played out smoothly from there. He asked Jaycee to get out of the quad to help him reload their clips. “I asked him for the box of bullets, and he starts shaking them into my hand,” she said. “And out comes a ring!” Jaycee was shocked. “He grabbed the ring and got down on one knee to pop the question,” she said. “I balled like a baby and obviously said ‘Yes!’” It may have been a bit “redneck,” but Lane sure shocked his bride-to-be in the best way.

Tyler Stapleton surprises the love of his life, Brittney Pocha, after sledding to the top of a mountain.

Tyler Stapleton surprises the love of his life, Brittney Pocha, after sledding to the top of a mountain.

Brittney Pocha's dream engagement ring.

Brittney Pocha's dream engagement ring.

Rock on the Rockies

Tyler Stapleton wanted to surprise his long time girlfriend Brittney Pocha with his marriage proposal, so he made sure only the necessary people knew about it. "I wanted Brittney to be the first one to see the ring,” Tyler said. (How sweet is that?) He took her sledding in the mountains on a gorgeous day, and with some help from Brittney’s dad and brother stopped in a scenic spot. Tyler got down on one knee and gave Brittney ... a rock. When the stone cracked open, inside was her dream engagement ring. Now that's a rock solid love.

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