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5 examples of the hottest trend in engagement rings—the stunning halo

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5 examples of the hottest trend in engagement rings—the stunning halo

Kerry Shellborn

If this is your summer of love, it might be time to choose some jewellery that will last a lifetime: that unique engagement ring that will make her gasp and say, “Yes!” Here’s a round-up of some of this year’s most popular engagement ring styles, including non-traditional or alternative engagement rings for those who want something cool or amazing to make her realize “this is not my mother’s engagement ring.”

1. The classic round brilliant halo

The brilliant cut has slightly rounded edges, giving a soft appeal and emphasizing the inner fire of a diamond with deep facets. The trend towards vintage or antique style rings, many of which are made of large stones, has resulted in more and more cushion cut diamonds becoming available. The modern twist? Add a heavenly halo of diamonds.

Ring: ML204 W90 18KPD Brilliant Cut Canadian Diamond with Halo available in 0.90 Carat Total Weight

Retail 6750.00  | Jewels  lower than retail price 5400.00

2. The Classic Princess cut Halo

There’s nothing that can enhance the beauty of a precious gem more than a circle of sparklers: picture that halo sitting on Kate Middleton’s ring finger. But every bride can put on a halo like this stunning half-carat genuine Canadian diamond surrounded by a fiery squared-up halo.

Ring:  ML118 18KPD Princess Cut Canadian Diamond with Halo Available in 0.50 Carat Total Weight (also comes larger)

Retail 2500.00 | Jewels  lower than retail price 2000.00

3. Cushion cut halo with braided shoulders

Many of 2016’s hottest, most fashion-forward engagement rings feature a cushion cut diamond as the main focus. The graceful double wave of diamonds on the ring’s shoulder, make the cushion cut center stone (already adorned with a halo of smaller diamonds) look even bigger and more impressive. The shoulder is the side of the ring leading up to the gem, and there’s so much a creative ring designer can do with that space. One of the most popular is to split the shank in two and adorn it with smaller sparkling diamonds.

Ring:  ML395 18KPD Canadian Diamond with Halo and braided shoulder, available in 1.03 Carat Total Weight.

Retail 8250.00 | Jewels  lower than retail price 6600

4. Classic Princess cut halo with a plain band

If you want a sparkly, feminine diamond for your princess, check out this classic everything-old-is-new-again type of stone: the princess cut. This cut can be showy without breaking the bank, because it’s designed to elicit maximum shine. The face of the diamond is square or rectangular, and underneath it is cut to reveal the stone’s maximum beauty. With a halo of icy diamonds around it, nothing beats this popular engagement ring.

Ring:   ML348 18 KPD Princess Cut Canadian Diamond with Halo Available in 0.50 Carat Total Weight

Retail 2875.00 | Jewels  lower than retail price 2300.00


5. The rose gold halo

Many of us had never heard of rose gold until Apple introduced the iPhone 6. But this warm, girly shade has quickly made the jump from tech to trend. Many a bride-to-be prizes rose gold it for the glow it lends to a gem (not to mention her complexion). Pair it with a gorgeous gem surrounded by a halo of diamonds and you’ve got something no girl can refuse.

Ring:  ML430 RW80 18K Rose Gold  and 18K Pure White Available in 0.80 Carat Total Weight.

Retail 6500.00 | Jewels  lower than retail price 5200.00

What are Maple Leaf Diamonds? Canadian Maple Leaf Diamonds are mined in the pristine land of Canada’s Northwest Territories. Such unique stones are formed deep within the heart of the Canadian north, emerging as beautiful, one-of-a-kind treasures. As such, they are some of the most highly prized diamonds in the world.

What is the Jewels lower than retail price? In 2016, Jewels on Ninth has taken the bold step of introducing new pricing that is 20% lower than retail. You can read a full explanation on our Lower Than Retail Guarantee blog post.

I’m currently shopping for an engagement ring, but am not sure what the next steps are. Can you help me? Of course. After all, we have helped hundreds of couples just like you choose the perfect engagement ring set. Couples like Patrick and Sarah O’Donnell, who shared their engagement story with us. You are also welcome to discuss your ideas in person at our store, over the phone, by email or text. Just head over to the Jewels on Ninth contact us page for all the details.