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Hook, line and sinker

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Hook, line and sinker

Kerry Shellborn

Erin Mailey and Adam Shubert met a friend’s hunting cabin a few years ago. They’ve been together for three years, and love spending time outdoors with family and friends.

Each year, Erin and Adam dedicate the first couple weeks of August to family time at her aunt and uncle’s cabin on Kootenay Lake. “My family is spread around, so this is a time of the year that we can all plan to get together,” Erin said. She loves the annual quality time. “It's my absolute favorite place to be.”

Knowing this, Adam set out to make their yearly family vacation extra special this year. Adam made sure he packed the custom-made ring Jewels on Ninth helped him design months before--the best surprise for his unsuspecting beau.

Everything appeared normal at the cabin until their third evening at the lake. The couple spent their third vacation day lakeside fishing with Erin’s parents and brother. Near the end of the day, Adam and Erin sat along the breakwater dock just off the beach trying to hook a few more fish after the others had given up.

The stunning sunset setting

Peaceful and perfect, in her favourite place. “I couldn't believe the stunning sunset from the fires in the area,” Erin said. They continued to fish while watching the sun set.

Adam told Erin that if she stood up, she could cast further than from her seat. “I was hesitant,” she said. Erin stayed in her seat on the breakwater.

Adam had to think quickly for a different plan. A few moments later, from behind her fishing spot, he asked Erin to come help him make dinner. Lucky for Adam, Erin agreed this time. He was posed and waiting with a question and the ring. “I stood up and turned around to my best friend down on one knee asking me to marry him!” Adam caught her, hook, line and sinker.

On August 1st, 2017, Erin Mailey said yes to Adam Shubert’s sunset proposal.

While walking towards the beach to tell their family the good news, Erin realized their quiet lakeside proposal actually had an audience. It turns out, Adam had beat her to the punchline: “I realized my parents and brother were watching and taking pictures the whole time,” she said. Adam had asked Erin’s mom for permission a few months prior to their engagement, and asked her dad on the weekend he picked up the ring. “It was that much more special that they were a part of our moment.”

As of now, the couple is focused on Erin completing nursing school before they begin planning their big day, but they couldn’t be happier to spend the rest of their lives together.


About the ring:

“I love it!” Erin said. Jewels on Ninth had the honour of helping Erin and Adam design her dream ring a few months prior to their engagement. The custom-made oval halo set onto a diamond band is exactly the sparkle Erin hoped for. “It’s more beautiful than I could have ever imagined!”

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