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Meaning and Memories (The Perfect Match)

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Meaning and Memories (The Perfect Match)

Kerry Shellborn

Anna and Jordan Kennedy found a perfect match in each other. They’ve been together for eight years, but married four years ago on February 23, 2013.

The engagement…

The pair are still inseparable. “We talked every day even when I was out of country,” Anna shared. “When he's at work we text and talk over every break.” Knowing their constant connection, it’s easy to see why they got married. It’s also shocking that Jordan could surprise Anna with his proposal. Anna said, “It was pretty much impossible for Jordan to keep his proposal a secret from me.”

Despite the challenge of maintaining secrecy, Jordan wanted to make his proposal a surprise. “He made a reservation for Valentine’s Day dinner at Frank’s,” Anna said. “It was very busy, and he's a quiet person, so he waited until we were in the parking lot. He got down on one knee and handed me a Kinder Surprise.” What girl doesn’t like a diamond wrapped in chocolate?

“I was slightly disappointed, but I had to laugh when I realized what it meant.” Jordan had put a lot of effort into his sweet proposal, even recruited his friends to help plan the day before. “He bought a flat of kinder eggs, opened them, took out the prize, and put the ring in the center. They even melted the egg halves back together!”

Anna and Jordan Kennedy were officially engaged February 14, 2012. “It was so special, fun, and definitely memorable,” she said.

The wedding day…

Their wedding day solidified Jordan as her perfect match yet again. “Our wedding was another special day,” Anna said. “It was going really well until I was at the back of the church,” about to walk down the isle. “I thought about my mom not being there, but I had left him standing up there long enough. I tried to pull myself together and walk the aisle.”

While Anna worked through her tough personal moment, her groom remained calm as he waited at the alter. Her walk caught the attention of some of her guests. Likely thinking it was nerves, guests whispered to her to breath. “It didn't make my husband feel very good to see his bride crying,” especially not knowing the cause.

Although her walk down the aisle didn’t go as planned, it resulted in a happy ending. “Seeing him up there gave me all the comfort I could ever want.”

This meaningful connection has kept the couple’s bond strong over the years. “Knowing that man loved me enough to put up with my nosiness, plan an elaborate proposal, and put up with me bawling at our wedding—that has been a true blessing.”

About the rings…

For Anna and Jordan, the memories attached to her engagement ring mean the most.

“My rings aren't custom but they are special,” Anna said. “Before my mom passed away we were looking at engagement rings. She had picked a couple that she thought looked nice on my hand, but really liked this one in particular.”

“When my husband went to go look for rings he asked what I liked. I sent him pictures, but left it to him,” Jordan Kennedy chose exactly right when he picked the sparkling diamond Anna’s mom loved the most. As the cliché goes, great minds think alike? “I was so happy to find he picked this one. It's perfect and has so much meaning.”

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