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Welcome to Jewels on Ninth, a full-service jewellery store in downtown Cranbrook that is here to help friends, families and couples build a lifetime of memories.

2018 Mount Baker grad, Anna Ruoss

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2018 Mount Baker grad, Anna Ruoss

Kerry Shellborn

2018 Grad: Anna Ruoss
School: Mount Baker, Cranbrook
Wearing: Swarovski mini black on rose mini Bella’s 

What did you want to be when you were 6 years old?

When I was young I wanted to become a teacher as I looked up to my mom and grandparents very much. I have always valued learning and so will be following my dream to be a teacher after I graduate


What is your favourite after school activity? 

I am passionate about many hobbies. I spend a great amount of time volunteering by teaching dance at the Cranbrook community theatre and my school theatre. I have been putting in many hours into our upcoming production of Seussical Coming this May. I enjoy numerous activities outdoors like hiking, cross-country skiing, biking, kayaking and rock-climbing. When there is no snow on the roads I enjoy biking to and from Jewels. I capture nature and the community around me through my artwork and use art to relax and express myself. I work with many mediums like wood, acrylic, pencil crayon and clay.


What was the last photo you took on your phone? 

The last photo I took on my phone was a math answer key so I could check my work at home

Who is your favourite teacher?

My favourite teacher Is Mr Hamilton (Ryan Hamilton, to be exact as there are two Mr.Hamiltons) I was lucky enough to have him for social studies 10 and 11, English 11, support, and geography 12. He supports the outdoor education program by chaperoning trips and even runs his own mountain bike club. He has been a mentor to me and inspires me to take opportunities and plan future adventures

Anna inset 1.jpg

What will you miss most about school?

I will miss the great programs at Mount Baker high school. The Wild theatre, Outdoor education and art programs in the school have helped shape my future and gave me many skills that I will carry with me after I graduate.

2018 grads: Michaela Eckersley, Anna Ruoss and Andrea Byford— Photo shoot by Cassidy Shankowsky,  Cranbrook Photo

2018 grads: Michaela Eckersley, Anna Ruoss and Andrea Byford—Photo shoot by Cassidy Shankowsky, Cranbrook Photo

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

There is not much people don’t know about me because I am an active and vocal person. However, I have not yet announced too many people that I am off to India for 16 days this summer, for an environmental program. I will be learning about environmentalism while exploring the Himalayas and the dense urban jungle of Delhi 

Citizen watch vertical.jpg

What is your favourite piece of jewelry?

My favorite piece of Jewelry is my Citizen Watch. The watch is very classy and simple and is great for everyday and even events.  The eco-drive watch provides the convenience of not having to change the battery.  I am often running from place to place(likeschool, work and play practice) so I use my watch to keep me on track when my hands are full, or when I don’t have my phone on me.

swarovski mini bellas vertical.jpg

What Anna is wearing: Swarovski mini black on rose mini Bella’s

This is a pair of very special earrings that can be worn on any occasion. Be it a casual glamorous look or a cool chic one. This set of rhodium-plated pierced earrings with bezel-set, faceted clear crystal are ideal. 

Grad Photo shoot by Cassidy Shankowsky, Cranbrook Photo.

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