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Welcome to Jewels on Ninth, a full-service jewellery store in downtown Cranbrook that is here to help friends, families and couples build a lifetime of memories.

Did you know that TV’s first ever watch commercial was from Bulova Watches? It lasted 10 seconds and cost US$9.

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Did you know that TV’s first ever watch commercial was from Bulova Watches? It lasted 10 seconds and cost US$9.

Kerry Shellborn

Bulova then: The first in history

At the dawn of television, televised advertising was actually illegal. This is obviously hard to believe considering the billion-dollar industry that television ads are a part of today. The world of marketing changed forever on July 1, 1941—a first for the history books.

Since its foundation, Bulova Watch Company has made history a few times. One of Bulova’s most historical moments aired on New York local television—the first legal television advertisement in the United States. For just $9, the ad aired in the middle of a Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies game. It was a simple video of a watch keeping time with a voiceover reading the current time. In 1941, there were about 4000 televisions in New York.

The same ad campaign included an image of a clock layered on top of an image of the United States. This time the voiceover said, “America runs on Bulova time.” Simple, yet ground-breaking. For those familiar with the company, it only makes sense that Boluva fired the first gun in the marketing race for television time. In 1926 they created America’s first radio commercial: “At the tone, it’s 8PM B-U-L-O-V-A Bulova watch time.”

Bolivia now: A History of Firsts

Bulova has a history of firsts: within their own growth as a brand and respected watch provider and in the lives of their followers. Bulova cherishes these firsts that they share with the families who support them. First loves first challenges, first successes, first joys, first watches.

Bulova’s 2016 ad campaign draws attention to the firsts they’ve shared with individuals, rather than the firsts they’ve achieved on their own. Bulova uses “real families, real people, real relationships—and brings them to life with words and pictures.” Bulova celebrates the firsts everyone experiences in life, especially those firsts that include a Bulova watch reliably ticking the time.

“Bulova’s new 2016 ad campaign takes inspiration from its rich history of industry firsts—because just like history, life has many special ‘firsts.’” Jewels on Ninth recognizes this characteristic of the Bulova brand. As an integral part of our Cranbrook community, Jewels on Ninth cherishes your firsts.

Jewels on Ninth would love to hear about your firsts story

Jewels on Ninth cannot stress enough how much we care about our community. We love to help you choose the perfect jewel, charm, and gift to give to those you love most. Our jewellery helps build a lifetime of memories—some of these moments are first of their kind. Let’s celebrate first times together.

Some of you have already shared your heartwarming engagement stories with us. Keep those coming! We want to hear all about your special moment. Now, because we love Bulova and we love watches, Jewels on Ninth wants to tell your first watch story. Have you ever been gifted with a vintage watch? If not vintage, what’s your favourite time ticker? What type of watch stands the test of time in your opinion? Tell us all about your “firsts.”

If you have a picture of a vintage watch, or a story to share about your first watch (or both!) please email it to

We can’t wait to hear your story.

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