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A subtle surprise with a view

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A subtle surprise with a view

Kerry Shellborn

Devan was away at school in Kamloops when her now-hubby popped the question. Lucky for Josh, he had a little help from his friends and family to make his proposal extra special.

One day, Josh and his best friend drove to Kamloops to visit Devan. On the way up, the friends stopped at Margaret Falls, a gorgeous spot that Devan and Josh had visited a year prior. They told Devan about their rest stop along the way. She reminisced, a little jealous she missed the view that day. “We loved the beautiful scenic hike up. Even since our first visit it has been a very special place for us,” she said.

The day Josh proposed “seemed like any other day,” said Devan. She went to school as usual. The difference was arriving home to Josh and his friend, as well as her cousin and their son visiting from Vancouver. “At the time, I didn't suspect anything. I was just excited they had made the trip.”

Everyone said hello, then they piled into Josh’s truck to visit Margaret Falls. “I was getting into the front seat, since I assumed after three months apart he would want me sit up front. I was wrong,” she said. Devan moved to the back. Discouraged, she studied in silence the whole way to the falls.

“Once we arrived at the falls I didn't speak a whole lot to him,” she said. She gave more attention to her cousin who had never seen the falls before. “Half way to the top, Josh’s best friend turned abruptly to run back to the truck,” said Devan. She was “puzzled, but not surprised.”

When they reached the top, Devan and Josh “stood in awe at the beautiful falls.”

Remember that the boys mentioned they stopped at the falls on their way to visit Devan?

“There was a gorgeous little wooden bench placed at the perfect angle looking up at the falls,” she said. Standing above the bench, Josh looked down. He casually hinted to Devan to follow his gaze. “I couldn't believe what was knife engraved! Dev will you marry me?’" Sweet and subtle.

Shocked, Devan’s response was: “serious?”

In on the surprise, her cousin filmed the surprise proposal. “I’ll never forget that day,” she said. October 27, “the day our lives changed for the better. Eight years later we have a handsome little boy.”

“I’ll never forget that day ... the day our lives changed for the better... 8 years later and now we have a handsome little boy.”—Devan Prasad 

“I’ll never forget that day ... the day our lives changed for the better... 8 years later and now we have a handsome little boy.”—Devan Prasad 

The rings Josh chose for Devan are extra special because he beat her to even the thought of a diamond. “My rings were chosen by my husband. Not custom made, but he chose them all on his own,” she said. “I never gave him hints. I never even thought about rings until the day he proposed.”

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