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Five stunning solitaire diamond engagement ring examples

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Five stunning solitaire diamond engagement ring examples

Kerry Shellborn

You’ve made the biggest decision of your life: you’re going to ask your special someone to marry you. But before you pop the question, you need to pick a ring! Your engagement ring will signify your endless love for your beau, and should reflect her style at the same time.

Solitaire diamond rings have been the choice engagement ring for years. If you’re looking for a little guidance, come into Jewels on Ninth. In the meantime, here’s some inspiration. We promise that any of these stunning solitaire diamond engagement rings will sweep your love off her feet.

 1. Suspended Princess cut solitaire 

This modern solitaire has a clean style that makes a bold statement Jewels stocks a wide pipe style solitaire with a princess cut diamond in white gold (available in yellow and rose gold as well as platinum) Our favourite suspended princess cut solitaire combines the benefits of a contemporary flat ring with the glitter of a suspended setting.

Ring: 1752 Suspended pipe style Solitaire

Available in 0.20Total Diamond Weight – 1.00 Total Diamond Weight.
In stock: 18k palladium  Princess cut 0.83 Total Diamond Weight
Retail 7,500.00 | Jewels  lower than retail price 6,000.00

2. Suspended Round Brilliant cut solitaire 

Small grooves where the diamond meets the band to hold the diamond in place to create a suspended look. Contrary to popular belief, this type of ring setting is actually quite secure. It allows lots of light to shine through the diamond as it floats in place, which we all know is what makes an engagement ring really pop!

The ring pictured is a Tiffany style band with the iconic round brilliant cut diamond. However, this type of ring can be customized by changing the size of the diamond, as well as the colour of the band. Choose from white, yellow, or rose gold. Platinum is also an option if you want the crisp white appearance without ever the risk of it fading to yellow over the years.

Ring: 1610 – Suspended tiffany style solitaire

Available in any diamond size (round only)
In stock:
18k palladium. Round brilliant cut 0.25 Total Diamond Weight.
Retail 2,300.00 | Jewels lower than retail price 1,840.00. 

18k palladium Round Brilliant cut 0.59 Total Diamond Weight.
Retail 6,100.00 | Jewels lower than retail price 4,880.00

 3. Bypass solitaire

A bypass setting combines the classic look of the solitaire ring, with the bling bling vibe of more intricate designs. The curving lines lie nicely on her ring finger. The lower setting of the ring also eliminates the troubles of a prong setting, like getting caught on fabrics throughout the day. The diamond is set back, so it’s a bit more protected from regular wear and tear.

One of the most loved features of the bypass solitaire engagement ring is its curving lines around the diamond. This style creates a desirable infinite look—because your love for your lady is infinite.

Jewels on Ninth stocks a romantic bypass solitaire ring available in all the typical gold colours with a round brilliant cut diamond as the focal point.

Ring: 1808 Bypass channel set Solitaire

Available in 0.05Total Diamond Weight. – 1.00 Total Diamond Weight.
In stock:
18k palladium Round Brilliant cut 0.42 Total Diamond Weight.
Retail 2,700.00 | Jewels lower than retail price 2,160.00

 4. Classic prong solitaire

The classic solitaire ring is a fantastic choice for a timeless beauty. A small to medium sized diamond sparkles brilliantly—appearing beautifully oversized—in its setting on a single, thin band. Even though the band is simple, the engagement ring is anything but plain. This kind of solitaire diamond will steal not only your girl’s heart, but the whole show as it pops from her ring finger.

The classic ring pictured is a claw set solitaire with a fine band. The claw setting allows more light into the diamond, which we all know means more sparkle! To customize this type of ring, choose the size, cut, and colour of the diamond, as well as the colour of the band: white, yellow, or rose gold, or platinum.

Ring: 1877 Classic claw set Solitaire with fine band

Available in any diamond shape or size. 
In stock:
18k palladium Oval 0.80 Total Diamond Weight
Retail 7,550.00 | Jewels  lower than retail price 6,000.00

18k palladium Round Brilliant 0.90 Total Diamond Weigh
Retail 10,625.00 | Jewels  lower than retail price 8,500.00

18k palladium Princess cut 0.65 Total Diamond Weigh
Retail 5,000.00 | Jewels  lower than retail price 4,000.00

 5. Classic prong solitaire

This ring is very similar to the previous one, but the medium band with creates a whole different look. Classic claw set solitaire rings have been the most popular engagement ring for years. The pronged claws let maximum light shine, and the raised diamond says, “I’m taken.”

However, the width of the band makes all the difference. Small to medium sized diamonds shine brightest on thin bands because it creates an illusion of a larger size. A small diamond might look extremely small on a wider band. If you’re planning on buying your beau a big rock, a medium sized band would be more secure, and better fitting.

This engagement ring can be customized for your girl’s style at Jewels on Ninth. Choose your diamond shape and size, as well as the colour of the band.

Ring: 1923 Classic claw set Solitaire with medium width band

Available any diamond shape or size. 
In stock:
18k palladium Princess cut 1.01 Total Diamond Weight
Retail 13,125.00 | Jewels  lower than retail price 10,000.00                                                                                                                                                                

18k palladium Princess cut 0.62 Total Diamond Weight
Retail 7,400.00 | Jewels  lower than retail price 5,920.00

What are Maple Leaf Diamonds?

 Canadian Maple Leaf Diamonds are mined in the pristine land of Canada’s Northwest Territories. Such unique stones are formed deep within the heart of the Canadian north, emerging as beautiful, one-of-a-kind treasures. As such, they are some of the most highly prized diamonds in the world.

What is the Jewels lower than retail price?

In 2016, Jewels on Ninth has taken the bold step of introducing new pricing that is 20% lower than retail. You can read a full explanation on our Lower Than Retail Guarantee blog post.

I’m currently shopping for an engagement ring, but am not sure what the next steps are. Can you help me?

Of course. After all, we have helped hundreds of couples just like you choose the perfect engagement ring set. Couples like Patrick and Sarah O’Donnell, who shared their engagement story with us. You are also welcome to discuss your ideas in person at our store, over the phone, by email or text. Just head over to the Jewels on Ninth contact us page for all the details.

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