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Welcome to Jewels on Ninth, a full-service jewellery store in downtown Cranbrook that is here to help friends, families and couples build a lifetime of memories.

Gifts for him: 5 amazing gift ideas for the man in your life from Jewels on Ninth

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Gifts for him: 5 amazing gift ideas for the man in your life from Jewels on Ninth

Kerry Shellborn

Most men are difficult to shop for. It’s an unwritten rule of the universe. Lucky for you, Jewels on Ninth will make your gift shopping experience a whole lot easier with our high quality, man-friendly gifts for him. These options are manly enough that he will love it, yet so refined you feel great giving it. Go ahead. Surprise him with something amazing!


Steelx stainless steel jewellery

Steelx stainless steel is jewellery that every man can get behind. These rugged, yet refined, hypoallergenic products show the world that your guy is tough, yet modern. Dog tag necklaces, manly rings and bracelets with black braided accents, a lot of shine and minimal sparkle all make thoughtful gifts your guy will love. If the guy you’re buying for is a bit trendier, opt for thick chain link bracelets and necklaces, or a studded cross pendant. These gifts are affordable and more durable than their precious metal counterparts. They withstand everyday wear and tear. Steelx jewellery is designed to last a lifetime—just like your love for the guy in question.


Victorinox cologne

You probably already know that Victorinox makes great Swiss Army knives, but did you know they have their own cologne line too? Cologne is one of our favourite gifts for him any time of year. Jewels on Ninth carries a wide variety of Victorinox products, cologne included. That’s right—we’re not your average Jewellery store! The Swiss Unlimited Collection is known as the scent of ultimate freedom, which is a convenient fit for the men in our Rocky Mountain town. The adventurous Cranbrook mountain man in your life will love the way he feels with Swiss Unlimited in his cologne collection.


Flasks for men

Complete his boys’ weekend trips with a personalized flask to whip out in a pinch. Flasks are the ultimate masculine keepsake for the guy that loves to goof around with his friends. This gift for him is practical, yet unique, and you can find one quickly in store at Jewels on Ninth. Our flasks come in a variety of sizes and colours and are easily personalized to feel extra special. His buddies will be impressed, and he will be happy that you bought him a memorable gift he can show off on the regular.


Swiss Army knives

This Swiss Army knife is a timeless gift for him. Every man needs a Swiss Army knife—or two, or three. These handy tools come in a range of sizes, with tools specific to certain needs. The original Swiss knife comes in the Victorinox classic red with 19 tools to fix almost any problem that presents itself. If your guy likes unique gifts, opt for one of the small sized knives that come in funky patterns. Each pattern is only available for a limited time, so you’re almost guaranteed his buddies won’t have one just like his. Larger Swiss knives with extra grip on the handles are the updated, heavy duty version of a classic gift.

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Watches—a classic timepiece

Watches are our favourite gift suggestion for the men in your life—they’re practically foolproof. Have you ever met a man who doesn’t like watches? We sure haven’t! Regardless of age or style, a good watch is something that everyone loves and needs. That means a watch can please both your particular son and his practical dad. 

Leather straps for the rugged guy; gold or silver for the classic; a combination of all three for the fashionable man. Some come encrusted in diamonds, others with simply faces featuring minimalistic tickers. We can help you choose a watch to match his personality.

Jewels on Ninth stocks watches from leading brands like:


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