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Welcome to Jewels on Ninth, a full-service jewellery store in downtown Cranbrook that is here to help friends, families and couples build a lifetime of memories.

Gifts for kids: Our top gift ideas for  children of all ages from Jewels on Ninth

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Gifts for kids: Our top gift ideas for children of all ages from Jewels on Ninth

Kerry Shellborn

Jewels on Ninth is here to help you find gorgeous gifts for the whole family—even the kids. Kids like to feel special too! We promise that your children will cherish a gift from Jewels on Ninth for a lot longer than a new toy they might outgrow.

Bracelets—styles for every age

Give your little princess a bracelet fit for a queen. We have styles fit for every age: flower power charms for a younger recipient, or dainty diamond bracelets for the little woman in your home. Gold, silver, stainless steel, and colour accents to match a colourful personality. Come into Jewels on Ninth for a quick peek at our selection, where we would love to help you choose the best bracelet for your child or teenager.

Birthstone Rings—fashionable and classic

Birthstone rings are a fashionable classic gift item for kids. Not only that, but each stone comes with a story. Birthstones are believed to hold healing properties specific to each stone. February amethyst instils strength and courage; June pearls bring creativity; October opals signify strength. The beliefs behind each stone are meant to represent the personality traits characteristic to each birth month. The stones are thought to further enhance certain positive attributes. Give your child a birthstone, and explain the folklore for a very special gift. Jewels on Ninth will find you a durable (kid-friendly), yet delicate ring that your child will love even as they age.


Jewellery Boxes—a place for memorable keepsakes

With all of the beautiful gifts you’ve given to your children, they will need somewhere to keep their gifts safe. Giving children a jewellery box lets them start collecting jewellery and trinkets they will treasure forever and stresses the value of memorable items. Some come clearly kid-friendly in bright colours and patterns, but others have a more classic look that they will continue to cherish as they age. The perfect box might even become a family heirloom someday! Jewels on Ninth will help you choose the best jewellery box for your young one.

Swarovski—Disney characters and charming animals

Swarovski keepsakes are treasured by both kids and teens. At Jewels on Ninth, we have Swarovski crystals carved into Disney characters and charming animals. Brilliant light bounces off of the hundreds of expertly cut facets. Choose from Olaf the adorable snowman, Elsa the Frozen queen, or our long-time favourite fairy Tinkerbell. We also have Millie the kitten for the cat lover in your house, or Bernie the Saint Bernard for the little dog lover. These unique keepsakes glow the brightest on a special shelf near natural light.

Fly collection for girls at Jewels on Ninth

Bfly Bflower for little girls

The Bfly Bflower little girls’ collection is a dream gift your girl will love. Bfly designs their flowered jewellery to signify a child’s strong growth as they age; the natural beauty of a flower reflects the beauty in each child. First, choose from silver or gold. Next, pick from natural stones in purple, white, blue, rose, or fuchsia. The simple rounded flower shaped jewellery is available in the form of a stud, French, or hoop earrings, as well as a few different pendant and, necklaces. At Jewels on Ninth, we also have Bfly rings, bracelets, and charms. For the practical little girl, Bfly has crafted watches with colourful bands and sparkling stones protected behind the clock’s glass.

Learn more: See the complete Bfly girls collection (4 to 7)


Reflection Beads for Kids

Reflection Beads are the must-have charm bracelets right now for adults and kids. They are the ultimate form of expression. Each owner custom designs their chain with charms that tell a story. Each charm signifies something different. Give your child a band with only a couple beads to start, then bring them back to the store to pick their own charms. It’s a creative activity, and teaches your child how to tell their own story.

The smaller sized children’s line of sterling silver charm bracelets come with accents of hand-blown glass, gold, and Swarovski crystals. If your little one wants to be just like you, gift them with Reflection Beads that match your own. These charms look just like your adult sizes, but are kid-friendly—and a little more fun!

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My First Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Teach your kids to be prepared, innovative, and independent with their own Victorinox Swiss army knife. A little known fact: Victorinox makes kid-friendly knives with rounded tips on the eight functions. This tool is designed to let their imagination run wild as they learn how to fix, build, and tinker their way out of any situation.

Victorinox covers all the bases with a kid-proof lanyard strap to prevent forgetfulness, and a medium-sized handle for kid-sized comfort.

If you have mini McGyvers in the making waiting for you at home, My First Victorinox is a gift they will treasure (and use) for years.

Learn more:

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We promise that the special young one in your life will love one of the gifts we have in store. Still feeling stuck? Stop by the store to see the full selection! For our location, contact information and store hours visit our Contact Us page