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Smiles all round: Ryan cooks up an engagement plan; Kim’s smile says it all (#shesaidyes)

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Smiles all round: Ryan cooks up an engagement plan; Kim’s smile says it all (#shesaidyes)

Kerry Shellborn

Kim Hoffman first met Ryan Pachara at an after party on a March night. It also happened to be her twenty-fifth birthday, but that would turn out to be a side note. The really memorable development of the evening would be the guy she chatted with.

Kim told Ryan he had a nice smile. He got her number and they had their first date a few weeks later.

Now, fast forward five and a half years. Ryan and Kim are a happy couple and they had bought their dream property together that spring. Ryan—a professional lineman with a passion for hunting—had decided to try a guiding job up north. Kim joined in on the trip and was working as a cook.

kim hoffman and ryan Pachara mountains.jpg

The perfect place

The couple were about two weeks into their adventure when one of the staff pulled Kim aside and asked if she could chat with her about something. The two women walked down to a point on the lake that they were camping at, which is when Kim spotted Ryan and their dog, Harley.

“I instantly knew what was happening,” said Kim. “He got down on one knee—I started crying—and he asked me to marry him. I know there were more words said but I kind of blacked out.”

kim hoffman and ryan Pachara wedding rings.jpg

“I love my ring” 

Ryan had carefully chosen the engagement ring from Jewels on Ninth. While they had never discussed rings before, Kim is thrilled with the design that was chosen for her.

“I love my ring! It is exactly what I imagined,” she said. “Heather (owner of Jewels on Ninth) helped Ryan out so much with after hours phone calls and texts. No one knew he was going to ask except for my parents, so the only help he had picking out the ring was from Heather and my Pinterest.”

kim hffman and ryan Pachara wedding.jpg

Into the sunset

After all their years together, Kim admits that she had been looking forward to the proposal moment. She had thought, privately, that being together at the hunting camp would be the perfect spot. It turns out that Ryan was thinking the same thing! As a country couple, the remote location suited their style, and they were able to have lots of time and space to process their engagement.

“The hardest part was not being able to share with anyone because we had no cell service,” said Kim. “However, that was also the best part. I loved being able to enjoy it by ourselves—and a hunting camp full of people—for a couple weeks.”

Kim and Ryan started talking about the wedding details on the drive back home. Then, eight months later, they had their dream wedding. 

Life is sweet for this couple. It’s a good thing Kim told Ryan she liked his smile.

Wedding photos by Range 30 Photography

kim hoffman and ryan Pachara engagement.jpg
kim and ryan rings 2.jpg