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Celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary with your very own special cut Maple Leaf diamond now on display in Cranbrook at Jewels on Ninth

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Celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary with your very own special cut Maple Leaf diamond now on display in Cranbrook at Jewels on Ninth

Kerry Shellborn

To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, Maple Leaf Diamonds has launched a limited edition line of all things that glitter. This special edition of diamonds includes One-Fifty™ Cut diamonds; commemorative loose diamonds in gift boxes; and the 150 jewellery collection.

This brilliant collection is now on full display in Cranbrook at Jewels on Ninth.

What makes the exclusive 150™ Cut diamond so special

Jewels on Ninth is most excited about the One-Fifty™ Cut diamonds available only for Maple Leaf’s anniversary celebration. The One-Fifty™ Cut was designed to highlight Canadian diamonds.

The celebratory One-Fifty™ Cut diamonds are Canadian diamonds beautifully cut with 150 facets to reflect light in all directions. They are available in varying sizes ranging from 0.3 to 1.00 carat, but the number of facets makes even the smallest of these diamonds shine bright.

With almost three times as many facets as a traditional round ideal cut diamond, the One-Fifty™ Cut takes a highly skilled diamantaire three times longer to polish. This exacting process creates more brilliance, more contrast, more scintillation, and more fire in every One-Fifty™ Cut diamond. That means more sparkle and shine for you!

Learn more: See a side by side comparison with the world's best cut 57 facet round brilliant cut diamond. 


What Canadian diamond settings will I be able to see on display?

The One-Fifty™ Cut diamonds are on display at Jewels on Ninth in a number of stunning settings. You are welcome to visit our location on 9th avenue in Cranbrook to personally view these exclusive new diamond designs. In addition to viewing the diamonds in settings they can be purchased as loose diamonds and Jewels on Ninth can set your Canadian diamonds into rings, pendants, earrings, or bracelets to create a unique piece with extra sparkle. Think of it as your own custom Canadian keepsake.

These designs are manufactured in nickel-free 18Kt gold palladium alloy. This composition is hypoallergenic and allows the jewellery to maintain its bright, white, platinum-like colour for years to come.


For a limited time you can collect your own individual Canada 150™ commemorative Maple Leaf Diamonds 

If you prefer to not wear your Canadian keepsakes, Jewels on Ninth has brought Maple Leaf 150™ commemorative loose diamonds into the store.  To remember #Canada150 Maple Leaf Diamonds has the perfect keepsake, a diamond from Canada! These Canadian diamonds come in a gift box with a stand to show off you True Canadian Treasure.

These commemorative Maple Leaf Diamonds come in three price points: $49 / $99 / $150

A collectable item to celebrate our country’s birthday!


Complete your Canada 150™ jewellery collection with one of these iconic pieces of Canadiana

Maple Leaf’s Canada 150™ jewellery collection includes more than just your average pieces. Each piece celebrates all things uniquely Canadian. Think polar bears, moose, maple leaves, or Inukshuk pendants. Matching earrings, rings, and bracelets are also available. Several of the pieces are designed by renowned Canadian jewellery designer Shelley Purdy.


Every diamond sold at Jewels on Ninth is authentically Canadian

Canada 150™ jewellery is Canadian from its rough beginnings in the mine, to its design, manufacturing, and smooth finish as they wait patiently in our store.

All of these pieces are created in Canada with Canadian diamonds set onto Canadian certified gold—gold that was mined and refined in Canada. The diamonds that meet international standards of cut, colour, and clarity, are carefully selected, polished, and inscribed with a tracking number to ensure its Canadian origins. You can track your authentic Canadian Diamond online with your unique tracking number on the Maple Leaf Diamond website.