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The Pinot Gris Proposal

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The Pinot Gris Proposal

Kerry Shellborn

Sarah Berney and Curt Neumann were together for almost five years before she said yes to his proposal. Their first date was at the Penticton Farmers Market, and they have been together since.

On April 22, 2016, Curt barbequed a steak dinner for Sarah at their home in Penticton. The guise was to relax after a stressful day. It was a typical quiet night in for the low-key couple. They had talked about marriage before, but Sarah was still surprised when Curt popped the big question.

“After we enjoyed the dinner and some Pinot Gris, he surprised me while cleaning up at the kitchen sink,” she said. “I turned around as he got down on his knee. I was so surprised. I immediately started crying and quickly said 'yes!’” Who can say no to Pinot Gris with a side of diamonds?

The newly engaged couple called their family. Obviously, they called their parents first, which was when Sarah found out that her dad was in on the surprise as well. Her charming Curt was sure to include him in his proposal plans before putting a ring on Sarah—something that meant a lot to her. “The only other person that knew was my dad, and I can’t believe that he kept the secret!” Her dad was instructed to “not spill the beans” before Curt could get to the punchline.

“It was so fun calling our family and friends to share the news,” she said. “So much excitement and happiness!”

After the excitement settled, Curt admitted that Sarah’s ring had arrived the same day he proposed sweetly and subtly after dinner. “He hadn’t planned on proposing, but he said it felt like the right time.” There’s no time like the present when you’ve chosen the perfect ring for your love!

Sarah barney engagement ring

About the diamond ring

Sarah was surprised, but she was also prepared. “I had sent ideas a few months before he proposed to Tori,” she said. Tori is Brian and Heather’s daughter, and a close friend of Sarah and Curt. “Just so he would have ideas in case he was looking any time soon!” Her impeccable timing led to Curt finding the ring of Sarah’s dreams. Curt chose a beautiful halo with cushion cut diamonds.

About the Okanagan wedding

Just over a year later, the couple married on June 17, 2017 at the Summerland Waterfront Resort in British Columbia. The Okanagan provided a beautiful backdrop for their wedding day. A dreamy setting home to delicious wine!

Curt and Sarah wed while soaking up the lakeside sun, and danced in the ballroom with all of their friends. “We had all of our family and friends with us to celebrate,” she said. “It was the most beautiful day!”


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