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He stole her heart; she stole his punchline

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He stole her heart; she stole his punchline

Kerry Shellborn

Tabatha and Steven Langer, now married and living in Calgary, took a trip to Kimberley April 10, 2015. Tabatha thought that the two would spend a quiet afternoon together soaking in the mountain views. “I can remember Steven being very interested in the clothes I was choosing to wear, and making sure we were on time,” she said. Despite his unusual preoccupation with timeliness, Tabatha didn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary would happen on their trip.

“On our way there Steven’s brother Mark asked us if we wanted to have some photos taken with a client of his who was an amateur photographer, as she wanted to expand her portfolio,” said Tabatha. The couple agreed to the proposal and met the photographer at the base of a beautiful hill.

"What? Are you going to propose or something?" 

"What? Are you going to propose or something?" 

Tabatha remembers seeing this hill and thinking there is no way she would hike to the top. It’s a good thing she mustered the courage, though. “Once up the hill, the photographer told Steven to grab my hands and tell me how much he loved me,” Tabatha said. In hindsight, it’s obvious that this was the cue. Steven began telling Tabatha how much he cared for her—how Tabatha was the most important person in his life. “At this moment I decided it would be funny to say, ‘What? Are you going to propose or something?’” With her laugh, she stole his punchline.

“Steven’s face went blank,” she said.

“I spoke with your dad on Wednesday,” Steven said before lowering to one knee and asking Tabatha to marry him.

Shocked, Tabatha cried. “And when I say cry I mean ugly cry,” she added. “Steven told me how he had planned everything and that the photographer was in fact a professional.” And as if their caught-on-camera engagement weren’t amazing enough, they continued with the photo shoot and spent the evening on a bench under a tree on the hill—with a bottle of champagne, of course.

The not-so-amateur photographer caught some beautiful shots from the emotional proposal on their camera: “You can see the emotion between us after the engagement,” said Tabatha.

Tabatha's engagement ring is a white gold 14k ring, with a round cut diamond,

Tabatha's engagement ring is a white gold 14k ring, with a round cut diamond,

What we are dying to know now is, what about the ring? “It is a white gold 14k ring, with a round cut diamond,” Tabatha said. “The bands have diamonds on opposite sides coming together to close around the centre diamond.”

The Langers were married in Edmonton in July 2016 while their loving friends and family witnessed. “We are so blessed to have such wonderful families who offered help during the whole process,” Tabatha said. “One person who really was my go-to person during the whole process was my maid of honour, Stacey. I owe a lot of our wedding being such a success to her.”

Photographer: Zoe Ferguson Photography 

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