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Watch Collection

Are your wrists in need of a new time ticker? Jewels on Ninth can help! Not only do we supply Cranbrook and area with beautiful jewellery, but we offer quality timepieces as well.

Did you know? Jewels on Ninth in Cranbrook carries popular watch brands like: Victorinox Swiss Army, Citizen, Bulova, Fossil, Swiss Military and Wittnauer 


We love watches just as much as the next guy (maybe a little more), so we always have a huge selection on hand. When you purchase a timepiece from us, you receive a quality item built by brands we believe in. We also help you care for your watches, and offer cleaning and repair services for old and tired pieces.

Take a look at the watch collections you can find in stock at Jewels on Ninth in Cranbrook, BC

The Victorinox Swiss Army collection

The History of Swiss Army watches

Victorinox is well-known for their quality Swiss Army knives (thanks to MacGyver), but their watches are a timeless accessory as well. The Victorinox brand dates back to the 1890s in Switzerland. Karl Elsener and his mother Victoria opened up shop crafting their now famous knives for Swiss soldiers. The knives are iconic pocket tools with swiveling specialized features.

The knives have since grown in popularity, functionality, and sometimes size, but the company remains a family business. The name Victorinox commemorates the life of Elsener’s mother Victoria, and Elsener’s great-grandchildren are now in charge of the company. These days, however, Victorinox also specializes in Swiss Made watches.


Victorinox Swiss Army Style:

Victorinox watches showcase the brand’s notorious qualities: durability and sleek, timeless style. Styles include both men and women’s watches for all occasions. Choose from leather or stainless steel straps for a classic watch, or genuine rubber and fabric straps built for adventurers.

One of Victorinox’s iconic watches is the Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Titanium, which passes 130 tests before settling on your wrist. This watch ticks perfectly at extreme altitudes, temperatures, and speeds. The robust rubber strap and titanium case create the toughest—yet sleekest—watch on the market.

Victorinox Swiss Army WarrantyVictorinox watches are covered by a 3-year manufacturer’s limited warranty if purchased and serviced from Jewels on Ninth, an authorized retailer and Victorinox Service Centre. The warranty covers hand, dial, and movement defects.

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The Citizen Eco-Drive watch collection

Citizen has been perfecting their timepieces since 1930. The name Citizen comes from the brand’s dedication to providing familiar, creative, and constantly evolving products to the citizens of the world. Citizen proudly created light-driven technology in 1976, to finally add the Eco-Drive to their line of timepieces in 1995.

The Citizen Eco-Drive is the watch that doesn’t need a battery. It converts any type of light into energy, and stores that light in a tiny power cell inside the watch. This power cell is so strong, that it can keep the Eco-Drive working for six months in the dark. With a Citizen Eco-Drive watch, wearers will literally never need to change their watch battery again. This feature allows wearers to enjoy Citizen watches anywhere in the world—any time.

Style: The Citizen Eco-Drive line offers a huge variety of watches all with the same light-powered technology. These watches come with leather straps; as well as gold, black, or silver toned stainless steel. Some of these timepieces come in ultra-thin sizes for lightweight wear without sacrificing any of the style.

Warranty: Watches purchased from authorized Citizen retailers will be covered by a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Restrictions apply.

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The Bulova watch collection: A history of firsts

Bulova watches have a long history of firsts. The brand was born in 1875 by Joseph Bulova in Manhattan.

As Bulova paved the road to modern, respected watches, these timepieces have been a part of communities worldwide. Bulova aired America’s first radio commercial, then the first television commercial. Now, they continue to contribute to individual memories with their divinely crafted watches. The brand’s most recent campaign showcases the moments Bulova is happy to have been a part of: “firsts” for people everywhere.

Style: Bulova balances quality with value; precision with style. These watches come in almost every shape, size, and colour imaginable. Crystal and diamonds, leather and stainless steel—all materials are combined for varying levels of glitz to practicality. Whether you need a watch to wear out on the town, or a standard style suitable for everyday wear, Bulova provides.

Warranty: Bulova watches are covered by a 3-year limited global warranty.

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The Wittnauer watch collection


Albert Wittnauer, a Swiss immigrant new to New York city created Wittnauer watches in 1885. His watches are American-made from Swiss designs, and known for their luxurious styles. Over one hundred years later, Wittnauer watches still signify grace and glamour across the world.

The Wittnauer brand is now owned by Bulova, but their rich Swiss family history still shines through the newer nightlife lines of watches.

Style: Things sparkling are what these timepiece creators craft best. Men’s designs focus on classic shapes with modern touches of style: black faces on gold stainless steel settings, diamond faces set on black stainless steel straps. If extra glitter is your go-to style, Wittnauer watches have glowing timepieces that fit the bill.

Wittnauer’s women’s watches take the glam up yet another notch from the men’s timepieces. Choose from dainty or bold; silver or rose gold. Intricate diamond designs make these clocks pop. Oval and baguette-shaped faces create unique pieces to complete any look.

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The Fossil watch collection

While their history begins in 19th century Switzerland, Fossil watches are far from outdated. Fossil’s wrist watches combine genuine all-American design with Swiss materials and craftsmanship.

Fossil’s watches do more than tell time. They create both timeless and trendy styles; multi-functional fashion statements. Fossil watches are designed to fit your lifestyle—regardless of what that means to you.

Do you spend your time outdoors or playing sports? Choose a durable design and rest easy that your watch will keep ticking while you play. Maybe you’re looking for a dainty new wrist piece? Try Fossil’s favourite with a blush leather strap, and rose gold face. This model also comes with an extra cute heart design behind the clock’s hands for an even more feminine feel.

Style: You will love the look of a Fossil watch on your wrist. These watches do more than tell time. Even Fossil’s more budget-friendly wrist watches look high end. Their Swiss Made options are known for the oversized, attention-grabbing faces held by stainless steel or leather straps. Basically, by choosing Fossil, you get all of the style without sacrificing the Swiss Made quality.

Warranty: A Fossil watch warranty only covers hand, dial, and movement defects under normal use for up to 2 years after purchase from an authorized retailer like Jewels on Ninth.

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The Swiss Military watch collection


Another well-known Swiss made timekeeper producer is Swiss Military by Chrono AG. The building that now houses Chrono AG was once one of Switzerland’s first watchmaking schools. Over 100 years later, Swiss Military watches are produced at this once-upon-a-time training institute. Chrono itself has over 30 years of experience crafting precision watches following Swiss Made standards.

All Swiss Military watches are handcrafted at the family-owned Chrono headquarters in Switzerland to meet Swiss Made requirements. The small team of craftsman take pride in each timepiece sent to market.

Style: Swiss Military watches are available with either quartz or mechanical tickers. Intricate face designs provide detailed accuracy; modern styles provide practical everyday wear. Swiss Military watches come in stainless steel of varying tones; most feature bold coloured, oversized faces

Warranty: Swiss Military watches are covered by a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty provided registration of watch at time of purchase.

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Where can I view and try on any one of these leading watch brands?

We're so glad you asked. We would be happy to see you in person at Jewels on Ninth at (you guessed it) 9th Avenue in Cranbrook BC. (For a map click to our contact us page)  If you want to ask questions or see if we have a specific model in stock you can call or text us at +1 (250) 417-7214, or emailing your questions to hello [at]

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