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We welcome your ideas and enjoy the challenge of making a one-of-a-kind custom designed piece of jewellery just for you.

24 9 Avenue South
Cranbrook, BC, V1C 2L8

Welcome to Jewels on Ninth, a full-service jewellery store in downtown Cranbrook that is here to help friends, families and couples build a lifetime of memories.

Engagement Rings

Jewels on Ninth wants your engagement ring to compliment your love and last a lifetime.

Read Chelsea Lode and Jordan Kasher  dreamy wedding story .

Read Chelsea Lode and Jordan Kasher dreamy wedding story.

Jewels on Ninth is your engagement and wedding ring store in Cranbrook BC


Are you ready to pop the question? You’ve come to the right place.

First, congratulations! You’ve already overcome the hardest part: making the decision that your partner is The One. Now we can help you with the fun part: choosing the ring!

Jewelry shopping is hard enough, let alone for a gift as big as an engagement ring. Whether you’re a first-time browser, or you’ve got your 4C’s memorized and know your beau’s ring size, Jewels on Ninth can show you some rings that your partner will have to say yes to. We can help you sort through all sorts of princess cuts, halo settings, or coloured stones. If you don’t see something that’s just perfect, we also create custom designs.

We promise, with the right guidance, the whole process is a lot easier than it seems!

The special something about a small town business like Jewels on Ninth is its small town charm. We are your neighbours. We are just like you. That’s why we care so much about you choosing the perfect engagement ring, regardless of the price tag.

A little known fact: our staff does not work on commission. That means we keep ring viewings calm and collected, so you can decide which one suits your love in a no-pressure atmosphere.

Jewels on Ninth wants your ring to compliment your love and last a lifetime.

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Here's what Patrick O’Donnell had to say about his experience of shopping for an engagement ring at Jewels on Ninth:

[Jewels on Ninth] made me very comfortable for the [most] nerve racking and stressful purchase I have ever made. By far the best place to get any of your jewelry.—Facebook Review
(See Patrick's engagement story)

How to choose the perfect engagement ring

Jewels on Ninth carries genuine  Canadian Maple Leaf Diamonds ™.

Jewels on Ninth carries genuine Canadian Maple Leaf Diamonds™.

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is tough. There’s the Four C’s to consider, as well as your budget, her style, and the type of band to hold the diamond you’ve chosen. One thing to remember is that the perfect ring doesn’t have to put your bank account in the red.

If you’re feeling a little lost, Jewels on Ninth can help you wade through the sparkling waters of engagement ring shopping. Picking the perfect ring doesn’t have to be that hard!

It’s best if you visit us in store, so you can see some of your options. But if you’re not quite ready to shop, you can read our guide to purchasing the perfect ring to get started.

Examples of stunning engagement rings from Jewels on Ninth

The experts at Jewels on Ninth have helped couples find and design the perfect engagement ring.

The experts at Jewels on Ninth have helped couples find and design the perfect engagement ring.

Custom designed engagement rings

Jewels on Ninth specializes in custom orders. Each person is different and deserves a diamond ring to match. Maybe she’s been dreaming of something extraordinary or a little different than the ring styles we have in stock.

Bring us your ideas and photos, and our diamond experts can do the rest. We will help you design and build a unique ring that you can confidently pop the question with. Plus, building a custom ring isn’t as expensive as you might think!

Learn more about custom designed rings at Jewels on Ninth.

CrownRing designs our collection with aesthetic flair that helps make it a one-of-a-kind wedding band

CrownRing designs our collection with aesthetic flair that helps make it a one-of-a-kind wedding band

Wedding rings and bands available at Jewels on Ninth

Maybe you’ve already purchased the perfect engagement ring, and successfully popped the question. Now you both need wedding bands to seal the deal on the big day!

Jewels on Ninth has a wide selection available and can order any bands showcased on Crown Ring. Crown Ring creates luxury wedding bands from both ends of the style spectrum. Trendy and diamond encrusted, or simple and timeless—there’s a pair of wedding bands out there to symbolize your love.

Learn more: View the selection of wedding bands that Jewels on Ninth carries from Crown Ring. 

How long should my diamond engagement ring last? 

A diamond is designed to provide a lifetime of memories. That’s why every diamond sold at Jewels on Ninth is backed by our no hassle, 5-year diamond replacement guarantee.

Something that we see all too often is heartbroken brides who come in to the store with a broken engagement ring. To ensure that you don’t have a crying bride in a year’s time, we encourage you to purchase diamond rings with your trusted local jewellery store. 

It’s always best to see your diamond in person before pulling out the plastic. Jewels on Ninth can help you choose a brilliant diamond that fits your budget, as well as your timeline.

Learn more: See the Jewels on Ninth Diamond Replacement Guarantee.

 How much should I spend on an engagement ring? 

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The internet is full of so-called rules that try an answer this question—just google it—but at Jewels on Ninth we believe that this decision is best made between you and your partner. What we have found in talking with engaged couples for more than two decades is that the most important focus should be on making your engagement experience memorable. The professionals at Jewels on Ninth can help you find the perfect ring that not only fits your budget, but also is one that will be cherished for a lifetime. 

Learn more: Jewels on Ninth always fair pricing includes our 20% lower than retail pricing on all Diamond rings

Set up an appointment to view the Jewels on Ninth engagement collection today. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Heather Masich, the owner of Jewels on Ninth, for a no obligation consultation you can text her at +1 (250) 417-7214 or fill out the form on our contact us page. She would be happy to personally help you find the perfect engagement ring.

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